Why CrossFit?
The purpose of CrossFit is to increase your work capacity over broad time and modal domains. What on earth does that mean? To put it more simply, the goal of CrossFit is to increase your ability to do whatever you do better and longer. Are you into sports? CrossFit will give you more strength, speed, and power. Are you a stay at home mom? CrossFit will help you pick up your kids and carry groceries. Are you a Dad? CrossFit will give you the energy to play with your kids when you get home from work. Are you a waitress? CrossFit will help you perform your job longer with less fatigue. You get the picture. Whatever you do, CrossFit will help you do it better. CrossFit will push of the boundaries of your potential. Anyone can benefit from being stronger, faster, and more functional.

FAQIs CrossFit dangerous?
All physical activity (and lack of physical activity) has an inherent level of risk. Runners can get shin splints, basketball players can get sprained ankles, and couch potatoes can get obesity and high blood pressure. At Alief CrossFit, we place technique before intensity. We work to insure that you can perform the movements safely before we allow increased weight or intensity. Our coaches will monitor your activity during the entire WOD. In addition the increased strength and flexible that you will gain from CrossFit will make it harder for you to get hurt.

Why would I want to join Alief CrossFit rather than work out in my garage?
Here are several reasons why you might want to join Alief CrossFit:

  • Coaching: When you work out Alief CrossFit, you get the benefit of a personal trainer without the expense of one. Each class will have a coach that will work with the participants to teach form and technique. The coach will demonstrate each exercise and help anyone who needs it during the class.
  • Community and camaraderie: When you join Alief CrossFit, you will discover a community of motivated, friendly, and helpful people that are all working toward personal goals. This is not a big box gym where people stare at you, judge you, and nobody knows your name. At Alief CrossFit, you will find people that know you and care about you and your fitness goals.
  • Accountability: The coaches at Alief CrossFit are there to make sure you do the movements properly, safely, effectively, and completely. They will help you stay on your diet. They will help you with your mobility. They want to see you succeed and will work to help you see real results.

Why would I want to join Alief CrossFit rather than work out at a big box gym?
The business model for most franchised gyms is that they want to sign you up and hope you never come in. They give you a tour, show you a quick overview of the equipment, and then you are on your own after that. They are not there to ensure you use good technique or push you when you are tired or the weight gets heavy.
At Alief CrossFit, we will earn your business every day. We do not charge an initiation fee because we want to earn your loyalty. We will notice if a week goes by and you do not come in. We are doing this because we care and want to see you achieve your fitness goals.
Is CrossFit only for elite Athletes? Is CrossFit too hard for me?
Absolutely not. Anyone can gain from the benefits of CrossFit. My 67 year old mother can do Crossfit. Everything in CrossFit is infinitely scalable. What does that mean? It means your coach will adjust the exercise to fit your strength and experience. For example, if the workout calls for hand stand push-ups, and you have never done a hand stand, much less a hand stand push-up, then your coach will prescribe an appropriate exercise such as overhead dumbbell press.

Why is a CrossFit gym call a box?
A CrossFit gym is called a box because that is what they resemble. Most CrossFit training occurs in a bleak unassuming space with no bells and whistles. There will be no smoothie bars or aerobics studios in your peripheral vision – just the iron bar you will hang from, the weights you will thrust above your head, and the ground that will catch your sweat and occasional tears.

What is a W.O.D. (or WOD)?
WOD is short for “workout of the day”.

What does Rx mean?
When you complete the prescribed weight, reps, and movements in the WOD, you will be said to have Rx’D (as in he or she followed the prescription).

What do I need to bring to my first class?

  • A good attitude: You are here to have fun and whether you are experienced or a beginner, nobody is perfect. Keep an open mind for coaching and constructive criticism.
  • Workout clothes and shoes: We run, jump, squat, and much more. Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement.
  • Water: It is hot in Houston and hydration is a key component of your recovery and health. We will have water available for purchase or you can bring your own. Either way, it is important that you stay hydrated.