Alief Crossfit Three brothers, Mike, Ryan, and Eric, own and operate a welding shop in southwest Houston. Their successful business was built on the principles of quality, hard work, and attention to detail. All three became passionate about CrossFit when they each experienced the benefits for themselves. Alief CrossFit was born out of this passion when the brothers decided to build a facility that was like no other.


Lizzy Ober: Coach.  Lizzy grew up on an uncharted remote island where she trained to become a warrior princess.  She left as a teenager in order bring hope and peace to the world.  She decided that the best way to accomplish this was by transforming lives as a CrossFit coach.

W - Eric - s

Eric Ober: Owner, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Two years ago, Eric was determined to never try CrossFit. He played football in high school and at Rice University, and he felt he knew how to work out. In order to appease his wife (happy wife, happy life), Eric agreed to a one week trial of at a nearby CrossFit Box. He has never stopped. Years later, he is stronger, healthier, and has more energy to play with his hordes of children.

W - Mike - s

Mike Ober: Owner, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer As a football player at Sam Houston State University, Mike learned how to powerlift massive weight. This strength served him well at Sam Houston and for a brief time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, the massive bulk that came with his massive strength meant that he tired more quickly. After football ended, Mike discovered CrossFit training. Now he pushes every aspect of his body to peak performance rather than limiting himself to one area.
W - Ryan 2 - s

Ryan Ober: Owner, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer After permanently disfiguring himself in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, Ryan decided that he would not let his physical limitations block his physical potential. He was determined that the wreck that destroyed his Harley would not destroy his fitness. Now, Ryan is stronger, healthier and feels better than he did before his accident.
W - Chris - s

Chris Sillman: Level 1 Crossfit Trainer as a baby, Chris was the lone survivor of a plane crash deep in the forests of the Northwest.  He was found by a pack of wolves that adopted him and raised him as one of their own.  Years later he was seen by a group of hunters who reported his existence to the government.  A top secret branch of the defense department tracked him down and captured him.  After several years of intense training he was molded into the ultimate weapon.  After several more years of traveling the world and serving his country, he retired and now uses his skills to mold CrossFit Athletes.